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More than 10 years of experience






Meeting the needs of our customers is extremely important to us. That is why our mission is to produce Hass Avocado of very good quality and moreover compete on price to position ourselves as a reliable company and leader in its field.



We envision to position ourselves nationally and internationally as the production  and marketing company of the fresher Hass Avocado with the best quality in the market. Always looking to work with care of the environment through a moderate use of technology.



Always commercialize fresh fruits that

before going to market have gone through a strict quality control to establish in the mind of the customer that AvoDíaz ® is quality assurance.

Distribute our product to regional, national and international markets in order to to position ourselves, create employment opportunities and have a presence in international trade.

Our Company

We are a company founded in Michoacán; Mexico, specialized in production and marketing of Hass Avocado, and that thanks to the preference of our customers we have potentially grown in the last years, which has allowed us to expand our commercial market entering recently and very successfully in the United States.


In AvoDíaz ® we have learned, that to offer a 100% quality implies a great organized work team  of more than 100 direct workers who are employed in perfect conditions and know how to treat the fruit, an appropriate export process and resistant packaging to carry the fruit in perfect condition.


Known Rancheros Avocados®, our export line.

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